Bagong Panganak Na Sanggol, Ayaw Bumitaw Sa Kanyang Nanay Sa Unang Beses Nilang Pagkikita

Bagong Panganak Na Sanggol, Ayaw Bumitaw Sa Kanyang Nanay Sa Unang Beses Nilang Pagkikita

Nothing can beat the relationship between a mother and her child. This has been built even before the child was brought out into this world. Seeing what happens in their relationship is truly one of the most beautiful things that anyone can witness. Through the years, a lot countless moments will be made but sadly, forgotten. These are just some of the things that play a big role in the growth of their relationship. Despite this, a mother will surely remember the first time she met her child.


Recently, the world wide web witnessed the first meeting of a mother and child. The word “beautiful” is certainly an understatement in describing this very special moment.

On April 5, Brenda Coelho de Souza of Brazil brought her daughter out to the world at Santa Monica hospital. It was certainly one of the most joyful moments in her life. As we know, at birth, babies do not possess a fully developed vision yet. Despite that, her little girl managed to kiss and cuddle with her as soon as they first made contact with each other. What completed the whole moment was the fact that the baby did not want to let go of her mother after all of this happened.


The tears from her eyes could not be stopped from flowing. The smile on her face was unremovable as well. In the heat it all, the new mother said:

“It was an incredible moment when my daughter hugged me for the first time,”

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After a while, the tiny little girl started crying. Another moment was captured, for as soon as Brenda started talking to her, she was easily comforted. It is amazing to see that these two have already developed a special connection from the very beginning. Without a doubt, this will only grow bigger as the years go by.


Congratulations to Mommy Brenda! We wish her and her family nothing but the best as they start this very new and special chapter in their lives!

Watch the heartwarming video here!


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