Man tickles his wife to teach her a lesson

Man tickles his wife to teach her a lesson

What do you do if someone disobeys your orders?

As I have experienced it myself, it is heartbreaking to know that I have no authority over my juniors. The moment I told them not to run out under the rain because it might make them sick or their parents might scold them, and right after the command, they did what they wanted anyway – that poked my heart. The tendency was to give them a disciplinary action, but instead, I just gave them a warning.


A video was posted online for others to see how a husband handled his stubborn wife. He let his wife lie on the bed and locked her with his two legs. He then puts out his pointing finger and started to tickle his wife on her underarms. He scolded his wife while doing so and the wife could not do anything but laugh! The goal was to make sure that he taught his wife a lesson.

If you have a stubborn betterhalf, surely you will have to come up with different highly capable tactics in order to make them respect you and your decisions. Some do not enter marriage for they cannot handle all the pressure. There are different problems in marriage, and one of them is how a wife is too overbearing. But in this video, the husband handled it well. This is so important because in the life of marriage, it is always true about the line “Happy wife, Happy life.”
There are different ways to make your wife respect you. Listed in one article are seven tips to earn that respect you want to receive from your wife.

1. Treat her with respect; because it is important that your wife knows how you value her.
2. Never demand respect; respect simply begets respect.
3. Be a servant-leader in your home; a down to earth man will serve his family with humility, grace, and mercy, and the rest of the members will follow.
4. Consistently put other people first, including her; because someone who put others first is not hard to obey, right?
5. Always follow through on your promises; keeping your promises is an indication of your integrity, which adds to making you a credible person to put trust and respect on.
6. Volunteer in the community; a way of putting others first.
7. Carry your weight around the house; make the family feel as if you are there in the house, be a leader of daily living.

Not only do these tips go for husbands, but you could go a long way following them, too!

Watch the video here:

Source: Feedytv


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