Kind-hearted men saved two kittens trapped underneath a concrete sewer

Kind-hearted men saved two kittens trapped underneath a concrete sewer

A group of kind-hearted men in Saraburi,Thailand worked together to save the lives of two kittens. The weak, exhausted felines were trapped under a concrete slab and had no way of getting them out. People who were walking along the street heard the faint cries coming from underneath the ground.

They went to investigate the strange noise and suddenly knew that something needed to be done. The volunteer rescuers brought power tools, pickaxes, and three metal poles to cut and lift the heavy concrete. It’s obvious how it took so much effort and time from these kind-hearted men.

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While some lifted the heavy slab, other rescuers immediately looked underneath to find the trapped kittens. You can see in the video that when they lifted one of the kittens; who was scared and soaked in mud.

It pushed the passersby to continue working harder to get the other one. They braved the murky waters and the pungent smell of the sewer to be able to save these precious animals. Moments later, the other kitten sibling was freed.

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An onlooker named Pra Khemphong spoke in an interview about the situation. This is what she had to say about the matter.

“Even street cats love their lives and fear to die. They have the same feelings that we have as humans. I would like to thanks, everyone who helped to rescue the cats. The people who helped to rescue the kittens should be very proud. That is their good deed of the day. Every life matters no matter how small.”

Watch the heartwarming video below:

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