This is the inspiring story of how a former fish vendor now owns a school in the UK

This is the inspiring story of how a former fish vendor now owns a school in the UK

Sometimes, dreams just seem impossible to reach — especially for those who come from humble beginnings. Fortunately, there will always be an inspiring story that can remind us that anything is possible when you work hard and persevere enough. Take for instance the inspiring story of Nova Fossgard, a 46-year-old former fish vendor originally from Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur.

Today, Nova owns a school near the outskirts of London.

Not one soul would have guessed this is how successful she’d eventually be in life. One only needs to recall how difficult it was for her as a child to fully appreciate how far she has come.

Nova was born to a fisherman and a housewife, and had to sell fish in the market when she was only five years old.

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Up to this day, Nova vividly remembers how difficult it was for someone as young as her to peddle fish.

“You are in the market and you have to shout – fish, fish, bente, bente… Isda, isda, bariles, bariles. Bente, bente.”

Nova’s husband is pretty convinced that without these hardships in her early life, she wouldn’t even have such an inspiring story to tell at this age.

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Nova’s husband and business partner shared:

“I’m sure that coming from a family that had a small business themselves it must have helped her a lot. She had to work at a very young age. She must have felt what it’s like not to have a lot. That [is] probably what has driven her to better things through the years.”

Together, Nova and her husband run the Purley Language College.

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To know the full story of how this former fish vendor ended up among the English elite, watch the video below.




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