WATCH: Mang Amor, the hardworking ice cream vendor of Isabella

WATCH: Mang Amor, the hardworking ice cream vendor of Isabella

As a third world country, poverty remains a prevalent issue in the Philippines. Many people live on way less than what they need. That is why the Filipino head of the family often works their hardest to make sure there’s food on the table. Such is the case of ice cream vendor Amor Simangan.

Amor was the hard-working ice cream vendor featured in a viral photo. In the photo, he’s seen pushing his ice cream cart while strong winds and heavy rain poured all over him. GMA-7 news show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” quickly picked up his story.

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According to the show’s research team, the photo took place in the province of Tuguegarao. Amor sells ice cream around the area while he resides in San Pablo, Isabella.

Amor’s wife, Liza describes him as a hardworking father willing to go through any lengths for his family. She said that even during the bad weather, her husband does not miss any work day.

In the summer, Amor only gets PHP 500 from his sales. He said that the reason he chose to continue vending amid the storm is due to the PHP 2,000 boundary. On rainy days, he considers it lucky for him to earn 200 pesos.

Amor used to be a construction worker until he met a work accident. According to KMJS, this made him decide to start selling ice cream on the streets. However, the father-of-ten met another accident while he was out earning a living.

Sadly, luck didn’t come Amor’s way. One the biggest hardships he ever faced in life was when one twin inside his wife’s womb didn’t make it. This traumatic event severely affected Mang Amor’s wife – causing her to be admitted to a mental hospital. This event caused his family to be buried in debt.

“Parang tinitriple ko ‘yung katawan ko Sir. Nagtitinda ako sa araw, pumupunta ako sa ospital. Umuuwi ako sa bahay para tingnan ko ‘yung anak ko na kalalabas lang sir.”

Luckily, this hard-working ice cream vendor story inspired a lot of people online. The KMJS team helped him in the form of financial assistance, scholarships for their kids, and groceries.

Netizens were also in awe of Amor’s perseverance and shared their admiration online.

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Watch more of Amor’s story in the video below:

Source: YouTube

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