Good samaritan buys milk and food for a poor man’s family

Good samaritan buys milk and food for a poor man’s family

Let’s be honest, it is really hard to trust strangers on the street, especially when they are asking you for some money. In our minds, we think that the sad stories they told are only made up to gain sympathy from others. That’s why we couldn’t blame anyone who would ignore their cry for help.  Good thing, this good Samaritan was able to see the pure intentions of the stranger who asked his help.

Facebook user Jaive Joseph Roble thought it was destiny to meet the poor man named Jerick Reyes on his way home. Jaive was walking when someone approached him and begged for a 10-peso coin. As soon as Jerick told his story, the netizen felt moved and emotional. He learned that the poor man needed to provide milk for his baby.

Moreover, Jerick’s wife had also no clue that he roamed around asking for alms from people. He showed the remaining 150 pesos in his pocket after buying diapers and milk for his 3-year-old child. However, his infant still needed another milk brand. He had to beg others since he did not want his children to starve.

Upon hearing his entire story, the good samaritan decided to accompany Jerick to the nearest grocery store. From there, Jaive bought him a large pack of milk for his baby. On top of that, he also added some raw meat the stranger could bring home and cook for his family.

Thanks to his kind act, Jerick could finally go home with a smile on his face. After helping him, the man expressed his utmost gratitude for the good Samaritan he met on the street.

Meanwhile, the netizen did not only help Jerick but also made realizations for himself. Despite having problems in life as well, Jaive realized that he was still blessed even though he doesn’t have much.

People online praised the netizen for his kind act. Here are some of their comments.

SOURCE: Facebook
PHOTO SOURCE: 1-30 Facebook

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