Flight attendant gains positive reactions from the netizens online

Flight attendant gains positive reactions from the netizens online

Many people think that being a flight attendant is an easy job. However, they’re definitely wrong and misinformed! As a matter of fact, those aspiring to be a part of the cabin crew work really hard to become one. It takes a lot of mental fortitude to help take care of the needs of passengers while they soar miles above the ground. Take this viral story as an example of perseverance and determination by Facebook user Lyra Velchez. 

Lyra became a viral topic all over social media after she posted her inspiring story online. She narrated that being a flight attendant was actually her “ultimate dream.” That is why she took up Bachelor of Science in Tourism. For four years, she admitted that her journey was full of “humps and bumps”. There were even times wherein she started to doubt herself. Nevertheless, she never let the doubt overpower her.

After graduating, she immediately applied as a cabin crew in Philippine Airlines Express. However, contrary to what she expected, her training days never became an easy journey.

Despite the odds she is faced, Lyca remained positive in life. She never let a day pass without asking for help from God. Every time she calls the name of the Most High, she always find herself saying:

 “I can do this. I must do this and give my best. This is my dream and for my family. ”

After months of sleepless nights and bitter tears, Lyca emerged victorious in her battle of pursuing her dream. Today, she is now an official flight attendant of the Philippine Airlines Express, and we all can’t wait to see her on our next flight.

Read the full text of her Facebook post below:

As of posting yesterday, June 11, Lyra’s post immediately gained 27, 000  positive reactions, 13, 578 shares, and almost 3,000 comments from the netizens. As expected, many lauded her for being an inspiration to others who are also aspiring to become a flight attendant someday.  On the other hand, some netizens praised her because of her stunning beauty and admirable dedication to her profession.

Read some of their comments below:


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