11-year-old boy regularly attends school with his disabled younger brother

11-year-old boy regularly attends school with his disabled younger brother

Tears flowed after “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” recently featured the life story of the Peralta siblings from Dagami, Leyte. See, Alexis is an 11-year-old student who is forced to bring his disabled younger brother, AJ, every day to the class. And because their house happened to be 3KM away from their school, they had to make use of the principal’s room as their temporary home. (With the blessing of the principal, of course.)

You might be thinking, where are Alexis and AJ’s parents? Apparently, their father abandoned them seven years ago, while their mother transferred to Manila to work. Together with her is their two other siblings.

Here’s their mom, Luna Boloy, who makes ends meet for her sons by working as a house helper. As she sat down with the KMJS team, the parent said that although she wanted to go home, she didn’t have the budget yet.

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Despite their situation, the Alexis said that he’s not going to give up AJ no matter what happens.

“Nandito lang siya sa akin. ‘Di ko siya papabayaan kahit iwanan ko siya kapag bumibili ng pagkain. Naglalaba ng damit niya, nagpapaligo. Mahal na mahal ko si AJ.”


In the end, it was a happy ending for Alexis and AJ as they get to reunite with their mom and other siblings, thanks to the generosity of a netizen.

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Watch the full episode here.

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