Tree spinach is a miracle plant that reportedly can cure a wide array of health conditions

The Cnidoscolus aconitifolius, Chaya or tree spinach, is believed to have many health benefits for various health conditions. This miracle plant is reported to have originated from Mexico and can help improve vision, reduce weight, and more.

Russian woman passed away after being embalmed during her surgery

What was supposed to be a simple surgical operation that would save her life turned out to be the cause of a Russian woman's demise after doctors mistakenly injected her with the wrong substance.

Frightened mother nearly loses her daughter over unidentified sickness

A young, frightened mother had to go through a difficult ordeal as her beautiful little girl almost died due to a powerful and unidentified sickness.

80-year-old moves young doctor with a remarkable dying wish

Marco Deplano, a young doctor, had years and years of medical education. Still, it couldn't have prepared him for the moment he hears this 80-year-old's dying wish.

This homemade potato facial mask will remove dark spots in three nights

Did you know that by using only two ingredients that you can find at home, you can quickly erase your dark spots? Find out how below!

Unvaccinated baby suffers from terrible blisters due to chicken pox

This mother is warning parents everywhere to get their children vaccinated. This is after she witnessed her eleven-month-old son suffer from horrifying blisters from something as simple as chicken pox.

This heart-breaking story of love and loss will surely make you cry

In this story about love and loss, this woman shared why she suffered from a miscarriage. According to her, a nuchal cord, inevitably sealed her baby's fate.

Anne Curtis recalls her life-threatening experience with a box jellyfish four years ago

Anne Curtis recently took to Instagram to remind others to be careful now that the season for beaches has finally arrived. The actress recalled how she almost lost her life four years ago after she got stung by a box jellyfish, warning others of the possible dangers of the sea.

This Man Died After Suffering From A Severe Headache

A Filipino man died because of this strange yet deadly disease.

Ana Roces shares her secret to maintaining her youthful appearance

At the age of 41, Ana Roces doesn't look like she has aged at all from her "That's Entertainment" days. The Kapamilya actress recently shared what her secret were for her ageless beauty, and we are here for it!

“I’m back!” Arnold Schwarzenegger says after waking up from heart surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger stayed true to his catchphrase "I'll be back." After heart surgery, Arnold is now recovering and in stable condition.

K Brosas talks about her battle with chronic anxiety disorder

Singer-comedienne K Brosas' battle with chronic anxiety disorder proves that anxiety can strike anyone, even the most talented stars in the entertainment industry.

Young netizen shares the importance of breakfast after being diagnosed with gastritis

A young netizen named Ella Laosantos shared the importance and value of regularly eating breakfast after experiencing the painful symptoms of ulcers and gastritis. Netizens were alarmed by her story as seen in the engagements of the post's thread.

Here’s how to properly take a bath while on your period

There are a lot of myths surrounding women’s menstrual cycles, including how and how not (or if, at all) to take a bath while on your period. Seriously, though, this is how you do it right.

Why you need to protect Miss V from sanitary napkins

Read the information below to learn why sanitary napkins are dangerous to your reproductive health.

This woman has the largest ovarian cyst in the world

In Mexico, a female patient successfully escaped death after removing her cyst. According to experts, this is believed to be the largest ovarian cyst in the world!

Netizen Abigail Jezebel shares journey to a healthy beautiful body

A netizen named Abigail Jezebel shares her journey to a healthy beautiful body after being body-shamed by friends and family. Her story was deemed meaningful and inspiring; thousands of netizens shared her transformation story.

Can Ovarian Cysts be cured by a healthy and organic miracle mixture?

Filipina women who suffer from ovarian cysts are constantly on the lookout for a specific cure that can help them with their condition. Sadly, according to the website Mayo Clinic, there is no known cure for these types of cysts. They can only recommend women to undergo regular examinations to ensure an early diagnosis. But … More

Beware of ginger if you are suffering from these conditions

Ginger is known for its medicinal properties, but did you know that it can be harmful for some as well? Read on to know who should avoid eating this root crop.

Get rid of your acne and blemishes using guava leaves

Did you know that guava leaves have potent properties which can help lessen the appearance of pimples and other skin blemishes?