This natural garlic and lemon cleanse would help you with your heart problems

With all the greasy and fatty food included in the Filipino diet, there's no question that people would be suffering from heart problems. It's a good thing that there's a natural remedy for this serious threat that consists of garlic and lemon.

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Mom gives birth to premature baby after it stopped growing in the womb

Anxiety crept up on this expecting couple when they noticed that their baby stopped moving. When doctors checked on the mother, they concluded that she should give birth to the premature baby despite being only 30 weeks into her pregnancy.

Transwoman now dating guy who ignored her pre-transition

This love story of transwoman Erin Anderson and Jared Norris was two years in the making. See, Jared didn't pay Erin any attention when he still expressed himself as a man!

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The Egg-cellent health benefits of eggs

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Awareness raised as the Bourbon virus claims another life

For pet owners, finding a tick or two on your own body might not be that alarming. The death of Tamela Wilson, however, raises awareness for what could be a tragic loss caused by the little-known Bourbon virus, transmitted through ticks and fleas.

Danielle Williams, husband get surprise of their lives delivering second baby

No one could say Danielle Williams and her husband didn't prepare for the coming of their second daughter. Still, when the baby finally arrived, most of their preparations went to waste!

You will never go wrong with kamias!

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The silver lining of crying

Here are the health benefits of crying

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Tree spinach is a miracle plant that reportedly can cure a wide array of health conditions

The Cnidoscolus aconitifolius, Chaya or tree spinach, is believed to have many health benefits for various health conditions. This miracle plant is reported to have originated from Mexico and can help improve vision, reduce weight, and more.

Russian woman passed away after being embalmed during her surgery

What was supposed to be a simple surgical operation that would save her life turned out to be the cause of a Russian woman's demise after doctors mistakenly injected her with the wrong substance.

Frightened mother nearly loses her daughter over unidentified sickness

A young, frightened mother had to go through a difficult ordeal as her beautiful little girl almost died due to a powerful and unidentified sickness.

80-year-old moves young doctor with a remarkable dying wish

Marco Deplano, a young doctor, had years and years of medical education. Still, it couldn't have prepared him for the moment he hears this 80-year-old's dying wish.

This homemade potato facial mask will remove dark spots in three nights

Did you know that by using only two ingredients that you can find at home, you can quickly erase your dark spots? Find out how below!

Unvaccinated baby suffers from terrible blisters due to chicken pox

This mother is warning parents everywhere to get their children vaccinated. This is after she witnessed her eleven-month-old son suffer from horrifying blisters from something as simple as chicken pox.

This heart-breaking story of love and loss will surely make you cry

In this story about love and loss, this woman shared why she suffered from a miscarriage. According to her, a nuchal cord, inevitably sealed her baby's fate.

Anne Curtis recalls her life-threatening experience with a box jellyfish four years ago

Anne Curtis recently took to Instagram to remind others to be careful now that the season for beaches has finally arrived. The actress recalled how she almost lost her life four years ago after she got stung by a box jellyfish, warning others of the possible dangers of the sea.