Couple almost causes the death of their 3-week-old daughter

Kirsti and Christopher Clark experienced a hapless incident that almost caused the death of their, 3-week-old daughter, Harper.

These beautiful celebrity moms are also proud breastfeeding advocates

These celebrity moms know that nothing beats breast milk as the best source of nutrition for babies. Check out some of their beautiful mother-child bonding moments here!

Is everyone’s favorite keto diet actually dangerous? Here are 10 dangerous side effects when your body experiences carbohydrate deficiency.

Everyone is now subscribing to the keto diet in order to have a healthier, slimmer body. But is this diet actually more dangerous than we thought? We list down 10 side effects that one can experience when their body is in a carbohydrate deficiency.

Tips on how to fix conditions brought about by having flat feet

Flat feet could lead to various health problems. According to Dr. Willie Ong having this condition is typically the reason why most people are suffering from body pain.

Get rid of your head lice and dandruff within 15 minutes using this simple step

Are you always scratching your scalp because of head lice and dandruff? Say goodbye to them with this simple solution!

4-year-old exhumed from the grave after arbularyo said she might still be alive

After dying from bacterial meningitis, 4-year-old Jenny Rose from Isabela was buried. Four days after her burial, she was exhumed after an arbularyo (folk healer) advised her parents that Jenny Rose might still be alive.

Here are the ways to use a potato as a beauty product

These are the ways to use a potato as a beauty product

10 ways to remove pimples and acne

It’s really not easy to remove pimples when they’ve already spread across the skin of your face. As always, prevention is better than cure. Here are some ways you can prevent acne:

This natural garlic and lemon cleanse would help you with your heart problems

With all the greasy and fatty food included in the Filipino diet, there's no question that people would be suffering from heart problems. It's a good thing that there's a natural remedy for this serious threat that consists of garlic and lemon.

Six Signs of Having Colon Cancer that Most People Ignore

Six indications of colon cancer that most people usually ignore.

Naturally decrease uric acid crystals in your body with these health tips

Gout is a painful health condition that is caused by a high level of uric acid crystals in the joints. Find out how to naturally reduce these crystals from your body.

Mom gives birth to premature baby after it stopped growing in the womb

Anxiety crept up on this expecting couple when they noticed that their baby stopped moving. When doctors checked on the mother, they concluded that she should give birth to the premature baby despite being only 30 weeks into her pregnancy.

Transwoman now dating guy who ignored her pre-transition

This love story of transwoman Erin Anderson and Jared Norris was two years in the making. See, Jared didn't pay Erin any attention when he still expressed himself as a man!

Flabs, Flabs… Go Away! Come Again Another Day. Or Just Don’t!

Must-try healthy drinks for belly fat reduction!

The Egg-cellent health benefits of eggs

Check out why eggs are considered a super food!

Awareness raised as the Bourbon virus claims another life

For pet owners, finding a tick or two on your own body might not be that alarming. The death of Tamela Wilson, however, raises awareness for what could be a tragic loss caused by the little-known Bourbon virus, transmitted through ticks and fleas.

Danielle Williams, husband get surprise of their lives delivering second baby

No one could say Danielle Williams and her husband didn't prepare for the coming of their second daughter. Still, when the baby finally arrived, most of their preparations went to waste!

You will never go wrong with kamias!

Check out the health benefits of the kamias fruit in this article.

The silver lining of crying

Here are the health benefits of crying

Here are seven beauty benefits of using coconut oil

You will never look at coconut oil the same way again after reading about its health and cosmetic benefits.