Netizen warns others of the dangers of viral conjunctivitis

A netizen took to Facebook to share her experience with viral conjunctivitis and the dangers that it brings when contracted. According to Andy Catap, she had to learn the hard way that the said eye disease

This woman opened her coffeemaker and found something disgusting that made her sick!

For most people, drinking coffee is an integral part of their daily lives. They find it hard to start their day without a “fresh cup of joe.” After all, caffeine is wonderful drink that can

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Check out the busty problem of Aljon Dioquino

When it comes to a woman, having ample bosoms is a certified blessing. But, when it comes to man, having ample bosoms is a certified nightmare. Case in point – this is the obvious problem

Save bees by leaving a spoonful of sugar in your backyard

Bees might seem like they're insignificant because of their size. However, we were surprised to find out just how important they were to our ecosystem. Did you know that it's impossible to live in the

Jewel Mische is ecstatic to flaunt her baby bump

Last April 2, Jewel Mische surprised us with a wonderful news that she’s finally pregnant with her first child with her husband, Alister Kurzer. It was through an Instagram photo of her tummy that has words

Photos of a woman with unusually large breasts go viral on social media

Recently, photos uploaded by the official Facebook page of "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" have gone viral online. According to the post, a woman named Jonalyne has a very sensitive condition which caused her breasts to

Read this if you have a habit of popping your pimples—especially on the nose!

Who here hasn't tried popping their pimples? When Hannah Torres had her pimple pop, things didn't go so well. See, Torres doesn't usually develop zits, so we can all understand why a nose pimple would be irritating. However,

12 most expensive things in the world

Find out what the most expensive things on Earth are and how much each one costs.

Pleading netizen seeks help for mother’s treatment, cries foul at hospital’s suspicious operations

A pleading netizen, named Lovely Jireh Carretero, opened up about her family's plight on Facebook. According to her lengthy post, her mother, Beverly Dizon Carretero, was brought to a public hospital in the province due

Chinese doctor donates his corneas to help patients one last time

More often than not, doctors do everything in their power to save patients. This doctor in China went above and beyond to help two patients regain their sight. What did he do? He donated his own corneas. Two

Young girl unknowingly suffered from a frightening tick paralysis

There's nothing more heartbreaking for a parent than not knowing what's causing their child pain. Uncertainty means that you are unable to think of a way to help them, to alleviate the fear that your

A Facebook user shares her experience from gallbladder stones

Health experts never fail to remind us that we should always take care of our bodies holistically. From all the foods we eat to the kind of physical activities we do, health experts always emphasize the importance

Read this touching story of how a disabled dad saved up his pocket change to buy his daughter some coffee

A father’s love is one of the most powerful forces in this world. We expect our dads to be selfless, steadfast and strong - giving everything in order to keep their families safe and fed.

Consumers of a beauty product from Pakistan expose their terrible experience on “KMJS”

A group of women has come together to reveal their miserable experience after using a beauty product from Pakistan. Yesterday, June 10, "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" featured unlucky consumers who claim to have suffered side effects

Netizen reveals his simple yet effective pimple-fighting secret

As we all know, a pimple is a reddish bump that appears on our skin. These blemishes' main function is to destroy our self-esteem. With their presence, our body image, social life, and even our

Angel Flores posts her own #fitspiration journey on Facebook

How do you keep motivating yourself to do something when you always end up failing? Well, for a young woman named Angel Flores, it's the belief that you'll get to your desired goal soon enough

Medical study proves supplements don’t really do anything

Most consumers think that there's a benefit in constantly taking vitamin and mineral supplements such as calcium and multivitamins. However, if you believe that ingesting these will help lessen the risk of heart disease, then

Wife raises the alarm over a uncommon illness that unexpectedly took her husband’s life

23 years into their marriage, a wife unexpectedly lost her husband, not from a grave accident nor a longtime illness. The culprit: a wee insect that happened to bite the man sometime earlier. A grief-stricken Crissy

“Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” shares the stories of two people who are certified #fitspirations

"Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" tackles the difficult yet inspiring stories of Cyril Morales and John Carlo Naval. These two young men have very different struggles but they only seem to want one thing - to

Netizen writes heartbreaking open letter to the government of the Philippines about alleged medical malpractice

When we bring our sick loved ones to the doctor, we are affording these practitioners our full trust. We think of them as the best people who could help our troubled loved ones. We trust