Young girl unknowingly suffered from a frightening tick paralysis

Young girl unknowingly suffered from a frightening tick paralysis

There’s nothing more heartbreaking for a parent than not knowing what’s causing their child pain. Uncertainty means that you are unable to think of a way to help them, to alleviate the fear that your loved one is experiencing. So, when a mother named Jessica Griffin saw that her daughter was unresponsive, she immediately took the young girl to the hospital.

In a viral Facebook post, Jessica shared that her daughter Kailyn woke up without any feeling in her legs. The young girl was unable to walk and at first, Jessica thought that her legs were just asleep. But for one terrifying second, she realized that her child had a hard time speaking as well.

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Luckily, Kailyn was immediately taken to the hospital. It took a while and so many blood tests to find out what was wrong. It turns out that the reason for this terrifying ordeal was a small, brown tick. It definitely looked and seemed harmless, however, all of us were shocked to find out that this tiny bug could cause paralysis!

Jessica Griffin pleaded other parents who came across her posts to check their houses and children for ticks. This is to ensure that something like this couldn’t happen to another family too.

“After tons of blood work and a CT of the head UMMC has ruled it as tick paralysis! PLEASE for the love of god check your kids for ticks! It’s more common in children than it is adults!”

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It’s fortunate that Kaitlyn is out of danger and from the looks of the pictures her mother included, she’s doing great. The worried parent couldn’t be prouder of her brave child.

“Prayers for this baby! Scary is a UNDERSTATEMENT! She has been such a champ throughout this whole ordeal!”

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the post:

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Source: Facebook

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