Worried sister warns the Internet about the excess usage of cellphones

Worried sister warns the Internet about the excess usage of cellphones

Our daily lives would not be complete if we haven’t checked our cellphones at least once. Most of us rely heavily on this device for overall communication, work, and etc. However, like in all things, using our cellphone too much does have its downside. Recently, a worried netizen shared the unfortunate situation of her sister who suffered from a seizure, which according to her was because of her excessive smartphone use.

In the viral Facebook post, Sarena Singian warned the Internet against this bad habit. Apparently, her poor sister is obsessed with her phone and has been using it day and night. On several occasions, Sarena’s sister even forgets to eat because she’s too immersed on using the phone.

Everything seemed fine until one day, her sister suddenly complained about feeling dizzy and wanting to vomit. Their mother asked the young woman to drink water and she did. However, the sick feeling won’t go away until everyone in their family was shocked when the young girl just collapsed and started seizing.

They immediately brought her to a hospital where doctors ran some tests to diagnose the situation. Apparently, they found out that she was dehydrated and also suffered from low blood pressure. The pediatrician said that this was not an isolated case since a lot of his or her patients went through the same thing.

At the end of her post, Sarena reminded everyone, especially the parents, to prohibit their children from using cell phones too much. Many netizens felt worried after reading this shocking post. Others also gave their take on how to control gadget use.

For them, this should serve as a wake up call to everyone before it’s too late. Here are some of their comments:

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