Woman hospitalized after playing too much Mobile Legends

Woman hospitalized after playing too much Mobile Legends

Do you enjoy playing Mobile Legends for hours on end? Does the motto “ML is Life” speak to you on a spiritual level? If so, then this alarming post by a netizen might convince you to find a new hobby!

Mhary Mundoc Idanan has taken to Facebook to share photos of herself confined to a hospital bed. She has tubes up her nose and needles in her veins. Yes, at the young age of 23, Mhary is already being treated for something that is common only to old people.

The reason? Well, it’s playing too much Mobile Legends. Don’t believe us? We’ll just let Mhary Idanan tell the story herself.

According to Mhary, she spends most of her time playing Mobile Legends. This is a pretty common occurence nowadays, ever since the game became popular some years ago.

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This is why a lot of netizens could easily relate to Mhary’s predicament, although they think she just ought to have more discipline in playing.

In Mobile Legends, there are different game modes. You can play Classic games — also called friendly or match-up games. You can also opt for Brawls, which are quick games with very few opportunities for intense strategics.

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However, the mode that’s got a lot of people hooked are the Ranked games. Here, each win awards a player one star or two, while every loss costs a star. Quite literally, players have the chance to rank up in this mode.

This is what got Mhary in this situation. She said she would sometimes start playing at 10 in the evening, and wouldn’t stop ranking up until the sun starts to rise. This is apparently what led her to being hospitalized.

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Mobile Legends-loving netizens had mixed reactions about this revelation.

SOURCE: Facebook

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