Wife raises the alarm over a uncommon illness that unexpectedly took her husband’s life

Wife raises the alarm over a uncommon illness that unexpectedly took her husband’s life

23 years into their marriage, a wife unexpectedly lost her husband, not from a grave accident nor a longtime illness. The culprit: a wee insect that happened to bite the man sometime earlier.

A grief-stricken Crissy Naticchia recently took to Facebook to raise the alarm over Jeff’s previous condition. Apparently, the man was struck by a fever after being bitten by a small tick. However, what they thought was a simple sickness at first would turn out to be fatal later on.

According to her post, it came to a point where Jeff was always over sweating. Every night, Crissy would be forced to change their sheets as it was always soaked with perspiration. She knew then that something was definitely wrong.

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During their visit to the hospital, doctors diagnosed Jeff’s condition as a kidney infection. They were eventually given antibiotics, but instead of feeling better, the husband felt rather worse. Before they knew it, an already-frail Jeff had to be confined in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Newsner reported that Jeff caught Babesia. The illness is characterized by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as “caused by microscopic parasites that infect red blood cells and are spread by certain ticks”.

What’s even worse was that Jeff happened to be asplenic, which means that he’s more vulnerable to the disease.

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Just a few days after Jeff was diagnosed, Crissy and her children had to say goodbye to the pillar of their home.

“My son, now a junior in high school, has no father to teach him how to drive, to talk to him about girls, to help him choose a college – nor to see him reach all of these milestones. My husband was all about his family – he did everything for us, unconditionally – which we took for granted like most people do. Now that he is not here, we feel lost and scared and alone.”

Meanwhile, the wife’s efforts to warn other potential victims certainly didn’t go to waste. Thousands of social media users were rattled, to say the least. Along with this were their prayers and sympathy to the mourning family.

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