Truth Behind The 'Disney Philippines' Revealed! Shocking!

Truth Behind The 'Disney Philippines' Revealed! Shocking!

The whole country was thrilled when the news about the Disneyland Philippines spread out online.

It was indeed a very exciting news. But the people kept on saying that it was just too good to be true.

Now, the truth has been revealed as the twitter account of Disneyland Today said that there are no announcements yet on the issue that there is a $350M investment from Disney that awaits the Philippines.

Based on the post that has made the rounds online, the executives of Disney is bound to visit the country on March to look for the perfect place that would fit the 125 acres that they are looking for.

This news is nothing but another hoax that is created by an imaginative mind who wanted to make everyone believe that this is indeed happening.
Source: Kickerdaily

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