These Are The Early Signs And Symptoms Of Cancer That Women Often Ignore! READ THIS AND BEWARE!

These Are The Early Signs And Symptoms Of Cancer That Women Often Ignore! READ THIS AND BEWARE!


Its a common belief that women are more attuned with their bodies – thus they immediately know if something’s wrong with their insides.

Although a woman’s body goes through many internal changes on a monthly basis, some of those changes may not be 'routine and can be very dangerous.

Routine check-ups involving mammograms and pap smears are important, but it’s always a good idea to simply stop by your doctor for a regular check up

Women (and even men) should make a habit of getting checked by doctors to see if everything is going smoothly in their bodies. 

If you can’t afford to go to doctor for a check-up or don’t have the time to go, then read up on these certain signs and see for yourself.  

Here are the 20 important signs that women need to look out for:

1. Wheezing and shortness of breath may be an early sign of Lung Cancer.

2. Chronic cough with chest pain may be a sign of Lung Cancer or Leukemia

3. Frequent intense fevers and infection may be a sign of Leukemia.

4. Excessive bleeding which doesn’t heal quickly and constant bruising may be Leukemia.

5. Swollen lymph nodes (usually found in neck, underarm or groin area) may be caused by cancer.

6. Difficulty in swallowing may be a sign of Esophageal or Throat Cancer.

7. Continued weakness and fatigue may be due to myriad of different cancers.

8. Bloating or abdominal weight gain may be a sign of Ovarian Cancer.

9. Lack of appetite may be and early sign of Ovarian Cancer.


These Are The Early Signs And Symptoms Of Cancer That Women Often Ignore! READ THIS AND BEWARE!

10. Pelvic and abdominal pain may be caused by Ovarian Cancer or Leukaemia.

11. Rectal bleeding or bloody stool may lead to Colorectal Cancer.

12. Upset stomach or stomach aches may be due to Colorectal Cancer.

13. Red, sore and swollen breasts (or lumps in breasts) may be a sign of Breast Cancer.

14. Unusual changes to the nipple may be caused by Breast Cancer.

15. Unusually heavy and painful periods (or bleeding between periods) might be caused by Endometrial or Uterine Cancer.

16. Unexplained weight loss may be a symptom of Digestive Cancer or Colon Cancer.

17. Swollen features on the may face may result to Lung Cancer.

18. Sores or skin lumps that don’t heal, which crusts and bleeds easily may be a symptom of Melanoma or Skin Cancer.

19. Back pains particularly lower right side may be caused Liver Cancer

20. Changes in nails color may develop to Liver Cancer.

Remember to get a doctor’s opinion as soon as possible once you discover unusual changes and/or intense pain in your body.

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