Pleading netizen seeks help for mother’s treatment, cries foul at hospital’s suspicious operations

Pleading netizen seeks help for mother’s treatment, cries foul at hospital’s suspicious operations

A pleading netizen, named Lovely Jireh Carretero, opened up about her family’s plight on Facebook. According to her lengthy post, her mother, Beverly Dizon Carretero, was brought to a public hospital in the province due to abdominal and back pain. Initially, she was diagnosed with UTI (urinary tract infection) but was later diagnosed of having gallstones.

However, each and every member of their family is now left baffled over Beverly’s current state after she underwent consecutive surgical operations. Lovely added that even after these harrowing surgeries, they are still uncertain about her mother’s true condition.

WARNING: This post contains images that may be disturbing to some readers.

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Lovely recounted that Beverly was suggested to be confined at a private hospital. But due to their financial shortcomings, they decided to have her treated at a public hospital wherein Beverly had her first operation. The surgeon got rid of her gallstones and inserted a drain as the passage of liquid from her gallbladder. The doctor also explained that Beverly’s gallbladder was not removed right away because it was swollen.

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After the second operation, however, Beverly was still unwell. She was still struggling from distressing pain, which prompted the doctor to refer another hospital for Beverly’s treatment. But this was also around the time when suspicion aroused.

“Napagdesisyunan namin na ilipat si Mama sa kagustuhan naming siya’y gumaling na. Gustung-gusto na din naming magpalit ng Doktor sa mga oras na ito dahil PARA BANG MAY MALI O KADUDA DUDA NA SA MGA NANGYAYARE AT HINDI NA NAMIN MAINTINDIHAN KUNG ANO NA BA TALAGA.”

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Read Lovely’s entire post below.


As of writing, there are still no statements from the hospital where Beverly was first treated. We, at Pilipino Scoop, remain open to hearing both sides of the story.

We are praying for your mother’s swift recovery, Lovely.

SOURCE: Facebook

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