A Facebook user shares her experience from gallbladder stones

A Facebook user shares her experience from gallbladder stones

Health experts never fail to remind us that we should always take care of our bodies holistically. From all the foods we eat to the kind of physical activities we do, health experts always emphasize the importance of moderation and awareness.

Earlier this year, a certain netizen shared via Facebook about her difficult battle with her health condition. According to her, she has developed life-threatening gallbladder stones brought by a very unhealthy lifestyle.

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The road to gallbladder stones started when she began consuming sugary beverages such as soft drinks and fruit juice, caffeinated drinks like coffee, street foods including “isaw“, “betamax”, “adidas”, and many more.

“Yes, sobrang hilig ko sa kape, juice, softdrinks, ihaw at lalo na sawsawan tuwing kakain kailangan ko ng sasawan.”

Not thinking about the detrimental effects on her overall health, she kept eating even when she was pregnant at that time. Then, one day, all of a sudden she felt a painful throbbing pain on her upper right abdomen.

So, itinakbo ako sa hospital pinainom lang ako nung gamot na nilalagay sa likod ng dila then after an hour nawala na yung sakit so umuwi nanaman ako. Okay nanaman.”

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Soon after the incident, the excruciating pain came back after 2 days. However, she just decided to endure the discomfort — thinking it will eventually go anyway.

“Ang sakit nanaman ng upper right abdomen ko hot compress daw so 5 hours kong tiniis to then nawala so okay nanaman.”

But as time went by, the shooting pain kept pestering her. Until, one day, she prematurely gave birth to her child via cesarean section (CS) procedure. Luckily, the child came out perfectly normal and healthy.

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Just when she thought it already stopped, she began experiencing pain again in the upper right abdomen a week after. She explained that she never fails to consume the aforementioned foods and drinks whenever she suffers from it.

“Tuwing nalalamigan ako, umiinom ng softdrinks, umiinom ng juice, umiinom ng kape. Lalo na kape inaatake ako!”

In the end, she found that she already developed numerous gallbladder stones. According to her,  she had 2 years of medication until she underwent a surgical operation to remove it. Fortunately, she is now free from any discomfort and currently living in a healthier lifestyle.

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