MUST READ! Doing It Has Been Proven to Have Actual Good Health Benefits!

MUST READ! Doing It Has Been Proven to Have Actual Good Health Benefits!


Do you know that masturbation, or the act of touching one’s genitals for pleasure, is something that people do as early as infanthood? It’s a fact because it’s actually a natural and a normal part of one’s healthy sexual development. In a nationally representative US sample, 94% of men admit to doing the act, while 85% of women also admit to doing it. 

MUST READ! M@sturb@tion Has Been Proven to Have Actual Good Health Benefits!

Masturbation has lots of benefits for the health. Lots of stigma and negative ideas persist about the act, but for women, the act can help them prevent having cervical infections and urinary tract infections. This is because the process of “tenting” or the opening of the cervix when the body becomes aroused enough, stretches the cervix and the cervical mucous

This results in fluid circulation, which allows the cervical fluids of bacteria to be flushed out. Also, masturbation can lower the risk of type-2 diabetes, reduce insomnia by hormonal and tension release, and can increase the pelvic floor strength through the contractions that happen as organs approaches. 

For men, doing the act can help them prevent the risk of prostate cancer, as this gives the prostrate the chance to flush out the potential cancer-causing agents from their bodies. Masturbation also improves immune functioning by increasing the cortisol levels, which in turn regulates  immune functioning in small doses. 

It also reduces the risk of depression by inducing the release of endorphins in the bloodstream which causes the feeling of happiness. 

Also, masturbation is known to be the most convenient method for maximizing one’s orgasms. There are also good benefits for achieving orgasms—it can reduce stress, blood pressure, can increase one’s self-esteem, and reduce pain in the body. 




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