“Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” shares the stories of two people who are certified #fitspirations

“Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” shares the stories of two people who are certified #fitspirations

“Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” tackles the difficult yet inspiring stories of Cyril Morales and John Carlo Naval. These two young men have very different struggles but they only seem to want one thing – to change their weight. Through hard work, determination, and discipline, both of them became very successful and are now certified #fitspirations.

Cyril Morales has been limited by his weight all his life. Despite his age, this young student came close to weighing over 450 pounds! His daily routine consisted of destroying chairs, paying more for clothes and shoes, and being constantly scrutinized and teased by people.

 “This transformation was really hard for me. It was very difficult. Nothing comes easy really and I sacrificed so much. But even though, everything was all worth it. I’d do everything all over again to be honest. l’ve experienced and learned so so much in a year and I’m happy.”

But John Carlo had to do the exact opposite because he wanted to gain weight and muscles. When he was younger, John Carlo only weighed 80 pounds and was also constantly ridiculed by his friends. It got worse when he got into a relationship with a young woman who seemed embarrassed to be with him.

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The relationship inevitably ended in heartbreak. since he wanted to show her that he would be fine, John Carlo reinvented himself. The man gained a great muscled physique by eating a lot and religiously going to the gym. Now, as a result, there’s not a woman in Metro Manila that wouldn’t want to be with him.

Watch the full “KMJS” episode below:

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