Infant who survived road mishap in Camarines Sur in need of breastmilk

Infant who survived road mishap in Camarines Sur in need of breastmilk

On May 22, five vehicles were engaged in a misadventure in Libmanan, Camarines Sur. Three individuals did not survive the incident, including husband and wife Ronel and Susanne Peña.

By some incredible miracle, however, their 9-month-old son travelling with them made it out alive. The family was travelling along the Camarines Sur town on their way to their home in Pili.

Infant Naoki William Maner Peña miraculously survived since he was thrown out of their car. This ensured his safety from the vehicular mess that injured many others. Still, the real struggle begins now, as Naoki has to survive alone without his parents.

Can you imagine how vulnerable a baby not even a year old is in this situation? This is why Danielle Trinidad took to Facebook to enjoin other netizens to help out in any way they can.


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Many netizens pledged support and sympathies in various ways.

Trinidad isn’t even related to Naoki’s family, but she took it upon herself to help the child. As she said, the baby is in most need of breastmilk, clothes, and diapers.

Even though Naoki lives, he didn’t actually walk away from the incident scratch-free. As a matter of fact, he is still confined at Mother Seton Hospital in Camarines Sur.


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He is set to get a cast on his left leg, which was reportedly injured in the road mishap. Furthermore, Naoki is to receive treatment from a lung infection.

It is indeed alarming how Naoki is refusing to consume baby formula, as he really needs to regain his strength. So this is a call for breastfeeding mothers to donate some milk to this survivor, that he may live through this predicament.


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Trinidad Included all the contact information in her post.



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