Get rid of your head lice and dandruff within 15 minutes using this simple step

Get rid of your head lice and dandruff within 15 minutes using this simple step

Head lice and dandruff are both the most common scalp problems these days. Head lice are six-legged parasites that reside on your scalp and feeds on your blood. Dandruff, conversely, is a scalp condition that can result from oily or dry scalp. Usually the presence of lice means that dandruff will follow suit.

Although both head lice and dandruff can be irritating, dandruff can’t be passed on, whereas head lice can actually be passed through direct contact. If you have both conditions, no need to resort to expensive treatments to get rid of them.

Let’s crack your problems by taking a look at the root cause first. Most of the time, your scalp’s pH plays a vital role in your problems. An article from Health Miracle PH claimed that your scalp’s pH level determines whether head lice and dandruff will thrive in your head.

This simple solution will help you alter the pH levels of your scalp while alleviating the itchiness and dryness caused by head lice and dandruff at the same time. For this, you’re going to need apple cider vinegar. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be good to go:

1. Measure about three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and apply it to your scalp only. Be careful not to get any of it into your hair because it will cause dryness.

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2. After applying it, massage your scalp gently to make sure that the apple cider vinegar will be absorbed.

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3. Leave the vinegar on your scalp for around 15 minutes then continue washing your hair as usual. Remember to use mild shampoo and conditioner while rinsing.

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Since apple cider vinegar can be too harsh for your skin, do this method twice a week only. After that, get ready to have a head lice and dandruff-free head!

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