Read this if you have a habit of popping your pimples—especially on the nose!

Read this if you have a habit of popping your pimples—especially on the nose!

Who here hasn’t tried popping their pimples? When Hannah Torres had her pimple pop, things didn’t go so well.

See, Torres doesn’t usually develop zits, so we can all understand why a nose pimple would be irritating. However, she knew better than to touch it, let alone pop the ugly thing.

But one, unlucky day, a playful workmate happened to come in contact with the zit — and before she knew it, the pimple she so carefully left untouched, burst.

[WARNING: This gallery contains graphic images that some readers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.]


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This was when Torres’ suffering from her nose pimple would begin. The day after the incident, she was shocked to find that her mouth was swollen, apparently an effect of the then-infected zit.

Two days have passed, and the lower part of her face was still affected. Thankfully, her team leader advised her to have a check up at the clinic, wherein the company doctor informed Torres that it was, indeed, infected acne. She was then given antibiotics to take for five days.

Four days after the incident, Torres knew that she had to have herself checked immediately after her right eye also began to grow swollen. Moreover, she felt weak and sick.



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After a checkup with a skin expert, Torres was prescribed three meds, one being steroids. Turns out that her condition was already so dire that an antibiotic couldn’t remedy it.

“Sinabi niya na kapag ‘di naagapan at umabot na sa utak yung nana, maaari ko na raw [ika-wala]. Nasa critical triangle daw kasi ng mukha ko naka-pwesto yun tagyawat kung saan doon ang butas ng bungo natin at kung saan naka-pwesto ang ilong natin.”

All in all, Torres lost seven days of work, but was still thankful that she was saved from her predicament.

Meanwhile, Torres’ post on Facebook detailing the incident and experience with pimples easily made waves on social media. Here, read what some netizens had to say below.


You can also read the full text here.


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