Netizens react to faith healer curing woman hexed by best friend

Netizens react to faith healer curing woman hexed by best friend

Since childhood, our grandparents have taught us a thing or two about superstitions. We were told turn our shirts inside out whenever we get lost. Everyone we knew was forbidden to clean up the table when someone is still eating. We were told to say “tabi tabi po” when walking near old trees or earth mounds. Some were even brought to a faith healer when they had a fever for more than a week.

All of these root from our traditional belief in the supernatural.

Through the years, people seem to forget some of these beliefs. It may be because of the changing times, the belief in the power of science and technology or the strong influence of Western culture.

But for some, these traditions are kept alive.

One such tradition is faith healing.

A Faith healer or an “albularyo” is a man who is skilled at curing people through the use of herbs and chants. They are the go-to “doctors” when some non-explainable sickness gets contacted by a person.

These so-called faith healers also handle the countermeasure for hexing.

A hex or “sumpa” is a curse or an evil spell that is inflicted upon by a witch.

In 2017, an encounter of a witch and a faith healer was documented on Facebook.

The victim, named “Tin”, complained about several boils appearing on her back and was also suffering insomnia.

She then took her chances and gave a little faith to the self-proclaimed healer.





In the video posted by netizen, Nick Banayo, we can see a woman pinned down to a chair by two men.

In front of her, the faith healer is summoning the witch who hexed the woman through chants and poking her body.






At first, the faith healer seemed to be having a hard time asking for the name of the witch.

The witch refused to be named because according to her, the victim knows her name.

After a while, the witch who was speaking through the victim’s body confessed that she was in fact, her ex-best friend.

The video went viral and was viewed 344,000 times.

However, it seems that netizens had mixed reactions about the successful “healing”.

Some people were skeptical about the whole process. They were saying that the woman was just flogged instead of being healed. They questioned the faith healer’s way of healing the woman.

But others actually believed in the faith healer. They commended the faith healer for a job well done. One netizen even wanted to know how the faith healer could be contacted.

Watch the video below:


SOURCE: Reveal the Secrets

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