Netizen reveals his simple yet effective pimple-fighting secret

Netizen reveals his simple yet effective pimple-fighting secret

As we all know, a pimple is a reddish bump that appears on our skin. These blemishes’ main function is to destroy our self-esteem. With their presence, our body image, social life, and even our mental health are affected. So, it would not be a surprise if people spend a lot of money just eradicate it.

However, a certain netizen named Morian Cumer found an alternative yet effective solution to getting rid of pimples. In his now viral Facebook post, he revealed his simple beauty secret. Step by step, he encouraged the netizens with a similar problem to try his anti-pimple procedure. 

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In his narrative, he used to have low self-confidence due to numerous pimples on his face. Before, he always felt paranoid about people looking at him.

“Pimples. Kapag may pimples ka, talagang nakakawala ng confidence sa sarili! Nakakahiya kasi feeling mo palagi syang nakatingin sa mga alaga mo.”

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Driven by his desperation, he asked for beauty advice from his friends on how to achieve a clear and pimple-free face. According to him, he followed all the instructions and even tried undergoing facial treatment. However, all of his great efforts were just put to waste — all didn’t work out!

“May mga friends ako na nagbibigay sakin ng tips para daw mawala mga pimples ko, kasi as in NO SPACE na talaga! Sinunod ko, Pero as in dumadami talaga. Everytime na kapag gising mo sa umaga may pimples na naman na namunga!”



Then, one day, his problem was answered by a pimple-fighting roll-on called Save Our Skin (S.O.S) Clindamycin Phosphate — a topical antibiotic.

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According to him, this effective beauty product costs less than PHP 100 and is available at all leading medicine dispensary outlets nationwide. For the application, he usually washes his face with mild soap before applying it day and night.



Netizens immediately reacted to the viral Facebook post and they even tagged their friends!

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