Chinese doctor donates his corneas to help patients one last time

Chinese doctor donates his corneas to help patients one last time

More often than not, doctors do everything in their power to save patients. This doctor in China went above and beyond to help two patients regain their sight. What did he do? He donated his own corneas.

Two years ago, Chen Dequan was diagnosed with a fatal disease. This 52-year-old orthopedic surgeon has been operating and saving patients for more than thirty years. However, this time around, he was the one in need of saving.

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Unfortunately, Dequan’s condition was untreatable. The abnormal malignant cells had already spread to his organs. In 2017, he became bedridden.

Knowing that he would soon kick the bucket, Dequan wanted to pull off one last heroic stunt. He opted to donate as many of his organs as he could. Sadly, only Dequan’s corneas were salvageable.


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Eight days after he waived to donate his corneas, he became comatose. Immediately after waking up, he convinced his fellow doctors to remove his corneas. His family and fellow doctors took his request with both a heavy heart and the utmost admiration.

One of his colleagues said,

“I have been working with Dequan for nearly 20 years. He is honest, enthusiastic, and enthusiastic. [Dequan] always puts medical ethics first. He has to weigh and argue repeatedly and give the best treatment plan for each patient’s condition.”

In the end, Dequan’s donation helped a 50-year-old man and a 40-year-old man regain their eyesight.

Many netizens were moved by the doctor’s heroic and selfless deed. Read some of their comments below.

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