Read this touching story of how a disabled dad saved up his pocket change to buy his daughter some coffee

Read this touching story of how a disabled dad saved up his pocket change to buy his daughter some coffee

A father’s love is one of the most powerful forces in this world. We expect our dads to be selfless, steadfast and strong – giving everything in order to keep their families safe and fed. Recently, a story of a disabled dad touched the hearts of netizens everywhere, after he gave his daughter a simple yet love-filled present.

Jim Porterfield’s life changed forever after an accident, caused by a person under the influence, robbed him of a normal life. Because of the unfortunate incident, the father had to undergo thirteen surgeries to address the injuries he received from the crash. Although he survived the ordeal, the car accident left him with physical as well as mental disabilities.

His daughter, Morgan Porterfield recently posted a photo of her dad’s medication bottle on Twitter. What made the photo viral? Inside the plastic container were coins the disabled dad collected with his limited abilities. Likewise, there was a note inside which read:

“$11.19 – 6/1/18

Coffee Money

Love, Dad”

The loving and caring father managed to scrape all of his remaining loose change together – just to treat his daughter to a simple cup of coffee.

The happy daughter was overwhelmed by this thoughtful and simple gesture. For this reason, she shared what her dad did on social media. Presently, netizens liked her post around 270,000 times while many others shared this touching story.

Taking advantage of the attention her post recieved, she asked for help for netizens.

She said:

“My father is my inspiration and I love him so much. In addition, he has a lot of medical needs so if you could retweet the GoFundMe in the replies it would mean so much. Love you all this is incredible.” 

In a span of 6 days, she has raised more than $14,000. Morgan has expressed her happiness and gratitude for the people who helped out and donated money for her dad’s medical expenses.

According to LAD Bible, Morgan said:

“I had no idea so many people would even care! I am feeling beyond blessed and grateful. I can’t wait to surprise him with what has been gifted. I know he will try to return it all.

He absolutely hates taking any help from people. Ultimately I know he will be so grateful. I am hoping we can put some of the funds towards a lift chair since he has such trouble getting up out of chairs.”

My heart is filled with so much joy”

We hope her disabled dad recovers soon. Undeniably, it would be such a waste to lose someone with such a precious heart.

Furthermore, here are some comments from netizens.

What a truly touching story!

Source: LADBible

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