Angel Flores posts her own #fitspiration journey on Facebook

Angel Flores posts her own #fitspiration journey on Facebook

How do you keep motivating yourself to do something when you always end up failing? Well, for a young woman named Angel Flores, it’s the belief that you’ll get to your desired goal soon enough that fueled her to keep going. She almost thought that there’s no going back from being overweight but luckily, this determined woman never gave up.

Losing weight is very difficult especially when you can’t seem to have the discipline to maintain a healthy diet and exercise. Angel Flores shared that no matter how many times she gained weight then resolved to shed the excess pounds before, nothing seemed to work.

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As soon as she’s presented with delicious food, thoughts of dieting go out the window. This inescapable situation made Angel sad because her family is usually all-out with their support.

“Sobrang supportive ng family ko saakin everytime na nag aattempt akong mag diet noon, yoga matt, dumbells, yoga ball, jumping rope, treadmill, twister ganon. Naiipon dahil everytime na sasabihin kong diet na ako nag papabili ako ng mga ganyan hahahaha tapos yun nga bibiguin ko nanaman sila.”

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It reached the point where she had to hide inside her house just to avoid contact with other people. Angel was almost sure that her weight would be the topic of every conversation. We have to admit that even we won’t be comfortable if this happened to us.

“Until one night, nakita ko yung transformation post ni Abigail Galang Rebong then niyaya ko yung kaibigan kong mag gym. Nag gym ako ng 1 month then tinigil ko din tapos diet nalang talaga.”

She stuck with it this time and didn’t give up. Now, Angel reaped the rewards of her hard work and is now confident in her new slim body.

Read her full Facebook post below:

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Source: Facebook

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