30 Things That A Perfect Girlfriend Has! Number 14 Is My Favorite!

30 Things That A Perfect Girlfriend Has! Number 14 Is My Favorite!

The 'Perfect Girl' does not exist since there is no one who is perfect in this world. But men have their own standards in looking for the best girlfriend that they wanted to spend their time with. 

Here are the top 30 qualities that men are looking for a woman. 

1.Cutie Nerd
She may be a nerd on the inside but certainly a chick on the outside

2. Surprises
Sending out gifts even without special occasions

3. Effortless Beauty
Naturally beautiful even without make up on

4. Matching
Knows how to keep up and do something special

5. Video Game Player
Playing together sounds good, right?

6. Plays soccer
Watching may be good, but playing the sport is even better. 

7. Delivery Girl
When you complain about being hungry, she comes to the rescue and brings you food. 

8. Does a 'Relationship Goals' photo

9. A woman who wears shorts and comfortably dresses

10. Often buys you a video game disk

11. Thoughtful and always have you in their mind

12. Knows how to prepare a lunch box with a cute message on it

13. Sending photos that not her usual photos

14. Leaving unexpected notes in unexpected places. 

15. Knows how to put up a successful prank on you. 

16. Can complain about the time that she needs to reply to your texts

17. Knows how to dirty talk

18.  Doesn't annoy you with flood messages

19. She knows how to respond to dirty jokes

20. Does not get mad for pulling a prank on her

21. Knows how to drive

22. Smart, knows how to keep up with the conversation

23. Does not run out of topics to talk about. 

24. Has a willingness to work out 

25. Has friends who she can hang out with

26. Loves herself first before you

27. Knows how to split the bill

28. Always smells good

29. Has the guts to ask you out on a date. 

30. The perfect woman is the one who loves you truly. 

Source: NewsMaker

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