Xander Ford emotionally bids farewell to ex-girlfriend

Xander Ford emotionally bids farewell to ex-girlfriend

Xander Ford’s life has been followed by a flock of netizens since his debut as Marlou Arizala with the dance group Hasht5. He has always been criticized by many netizens for his looks and bad attitude. Even after going under the knife to change his appearance and hopefully get better feedback, Xander Ford still kept receiving negative comments from naysayers.

After being active in mall shows and tours sponsored by his talent agency, Xander Ford was reported missing. But he quickly dismissed the thought and told everyone that he just “took a break” from showbiz.  




Earlier this year, Xander Ford became a hot topic again after posting a photo of himself with rumored girlfriend Reah Zyne Tulfo. On the caption, Xander Ford wrote that he was very happy and believes that he and his girlfriend were meant to be.

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Other sweet photos of him and Reah began circling the Internet. Their relationship was confirmed after the internet sensation posted a photo on Instagram of him holding blue balloons and a big Stitch stuffed toy while looking at his girlfriend who was holding a blue bouquet.

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However, their forever might have ended too soon.


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In a lengthy Facebook post, Xander Ford narrates his last meeting with now ex-girlfriend Reah. Accompanied by photos of him on his knees, Xander says that there are people who are against their relationship. He was willing to fight for their love, but unfortunately, his ex-girlfriend wouldn’t. He only hopes for her happiness and affirms his love for her, for the final time. The post has gained 1,300 likes as of now.






Netizens were quick to share their sympathies and lambaste the heartbroken lad.

The original post was followed by a series of sad photos and shares on Xander Ford’s account. He denies that he is depressed, but believes himself incapable of feelingl at the moment.


SOURCE: Facebook

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