Vice Ganda Reacts To Joey De Leon's Tweet!

Vice Ganda Reacts To Joey De Leon's Tweet!

Joey De Leon posted his thoughts regarding the situation in which the rival show launched their 'Pastillas Girl' Angelica Yap. He thinks that the show copied their idea and concept which they are using for the KalyeSerye which became a huge hit in just two months. 

He vented out his thoughts son his personal account on Twitter. He was emphasizing on the words "NO CHEATING AND NO COPYING".

Meanwhile, after the tweets of Joey De Leon, the Showtime host Vice Ganda calmly responded with tweets as well.

He does not want to worry too much and just enjoy life every day. 

The fans of AlDub and Pastillas Girl are now having a war over the social media sites in order to make their bet the number one trending topic. 

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