Take a look at Bianca King’s life away from showbiz!

Take a look at Bianca King’s life away from showbiz!

At one point in time, Bianca King was one of the most famous stars in the industry. Through her numerous projects, she showed everyone her talents and potential as an actress. To add to that, it is also undeniable that Bianca was blessed with great physical features. Her beauty pretty much stood out whenever she made an appearance on television, the movies, and of course in live shows.

Lately, fans and loyal supporters of the star have not been seeing the star on the silver screen, and even on television. Apparently, the last known project that she participated in was ABS CBN’s “Pusong Ligaw.” After this, the star chose to distance herself from the limelight.

Now the star has become an active environmental advocate. With the power of social media, Bianca King promotes and raises awareness about loving and taking care of the environment. She shows how dedicated she is with her advocacy through her social media platforms. The star’s posts show how often she spends time in the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

Bianca posted an Instagram story together with her good friend Rhian Ramos. Apparently, they visited a certain beach resort in Batangas. It featured them having the time of their lives while showing some beautiful views of the mountains and ocean. The story also showed the two of them exploring some of the areas surrounded by nature. It seems Bianca has influenced Rhian as well.

As of now, no words have been said regarding when Bianca will be making a comeback in the industry. Despite this, it looks like she is really enjoying the current life that she is living. It is truly nice to see one of our favorite celebrities fighting for a good cause. We wish Bianca King nothing but the best in this current journey. Let us all join her in trying to make the world a much better place.

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