Solenn Heussaff teases the incredible theme of her next art exhibit

Solenn Heussaff teases the incredible theme of her next art exhibit

Unbelievable as it may sound, there are times when Solenn Heussaff‘s beauty overshadows her talent. People take on look at this beautiful actress and think that it’s all that’s going on for the star. However, loyal supporters know she is one of the most unbelievably gifted women in this country.

We are so used to seeing Solenn Heussaff in movies and commercials that some of us think that’s all she could do. But to our surprise, we were able to witness more of who she is throughout her career. it wouldn’t be far-fetched if you fell in love with the Kapuso actress after this.

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First of all, did you know that Solenn Heussaff was a make-up artist before entering showbiz? As a matter of fact, this incredible girl can definitely paint. She became the country’s representative during the Palm Beach Art and Antique Show!

You’d know that Solenn possesses great talent if the country found her worthy to represent it in such a prestigious event. But it doesn’t end there! The actress’ first ever public art exhibit called “Kalsada” proved how amazing Solenn is with a paintbrush.

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What’s even more impressive is that her love for Filipinos shone through with this project. The actress shared how difficult it was for her to move on from such a heartfelt masterpiece.

“It took a while for me to move on from my last Kalsada exhibit. It meant so much for me to tell our people’s story that i didnt know how to move on from that.”

Her latest and newest art exhibit will continue to feature the Philippines. Solenn channeled her environmental advocacy with her upcoming exhibit entitled WHAT OUR CHILDREN MIGHT NOT SEE.”

“So i continue my journey and fight for people to wake up and start teaching others about what we can do to help.”

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