Take A Look At Former Filipino Celebrity Rosanna Roces’ Life After Quitting Showbiz

Take A Look At Former Filipino Celebrity Rosanna Roces’ Life After Quitting Showbiz

A lot of people think that being a celebrity is all about glitter and gold. A lot of us dream of becoming these famous stars that we see on television. To most people, being a celebrity means to live a life of fortune and fame, where money is not a problem and the abundance of wealth and popularity are just overflowing.

But some of these celebrities that we see and admire actually have a really hard time dealing with a lot of stuff behind the camera. Yes they get paid well with their films and their endorsements, but being a celebrity also subjects oneself to several issues and controversies, making one’s life free for public scrutiny and consumption.

This is why a few celebrities, especially once they have started a family, try to go on hiatus or leave the show business for good. One example would be former Filipino celebrity, Rossana Roces, or more popularly known as Osang.

Osang was one of the biggest stars during her generation. She starred in various alluring films that provided people the steamy visuals that they needed, especially the men. Back in the day, she was able to get a lot of projects like endorsements and films, but as she grew older, she was able to make a name for herself as a powerhouse dramatic actress.

However, a few years into her television career, she took a step back and turned away from the silver screen so she could live a rather private life focused on her family. According to sources, Osang has been focusing in raising her family, and was married to her same-gender female partner named Blessy Arias. The two of them got married in Canada last 2015, and officially tied the knot last 2016 in an LGBTS Christian Church in Antipolo, Rizal.

It has been said that the Osang and her partner have known each other since their teenage years, and now share a lovely married life with each other. As a matter of fact, Osang is oftenly seen posting updates about her family, especially of her granddaughter. They frequently go on dinner dates and international travel with her female partner.

True enough, fame and glory is not really everything. As we grow older, we sometimes realize that not all glitter is gold. Keeping a private life and being contented with the love of your family is enough to keep you going with life.

Source: Showbizread

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