Rhian Ramos breaks her silence regarding her relationship with Bianca King

Rhian Ramos breaks her silence regarding her relationship with Bianca King

All of us can definitely agree that being a celebrity wouldn’t be easy. Although many people aspire to be part of the show business, we can’t deny that this kind of lifestyle is hard to manage. Despite their lavish way of living, they still have to face the rude comments of people. In fact, these stars have been used to receiving criticisms and judgments from the public. Take for example Rhian Ramos, who was able to master the skill of ignoring these kinds of sentiments.

In fact, she recently revealed that she’s totally unbothered of the rumors regarding her relationship with Bianca King.


During her interview with PEP, the Kapuso star explained that she really loves Bianca, but not in a romantic way. Although many people claimed that they have a relationship, Rhian stressed that no such thing would happen.

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She said that the issue started after their sweet snaps circulated online. Netizens also noticed their “wifey” endearment on their posts on social media. The 28-year-old actress said that she called Bianca as wifey because they have the same mindset towards relationships.

“Parang tinawag ko siyang ‘wife’ online, kasi we both joked na, kasi parang wala talaga kami sa mental state na gusto naming magpakasal anytime soon. That’s why when we joke with each other, I’m like, ‘Okay lang, hindi ako takot, tayo naman!’” she said.

Although many people still think that they can have a romantic relationship, Rhian immediately turned their hopes down. She said that she still wants to have relationships with men and that she only thinks of Bianca as her good friend.

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