Raffy Tulfo walks out during an episode of his live radio program

Raffy Tulfo walks out during an episode of his live radio program

As we all know, misunderstandings between family members are nothing new. In truth, every family has their own rough moments from time-to-time. Be it a petty argument or a serious issue, disagreements between family members may eventually heal as the time goes by.

However, it seems like this preconceived notion might be a far-fetched idea when it comes to this featured mother and son. As seen in an episode of “Raffy Tulfo In Action“, even the veteran broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo had a hard time fixing the problem of this family.

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Based on the narration of the mother — Edna Dingal, she and her son Ewu Joseph Kenneth Dinga had already parted ways. Desperate to fix their worsening relationship, she sought help of Raffy Tulfo.

As the conversation went on, she began narrating how her son became downright disrespectful to her. From humiliating her in front of his friends, and even neglecting her. She detailed all the unpleasant things that her son did against her.

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After hearing all the problems of the mother, Raffy Tulfo and his production team immediately reached out to the son via phone call interview. But, in the turnout of the event, the son cut the conversation.

As a result of the son’s aggressive behavior, Raffy Tulfo walked out from the radio booth. In the end, Raffy Tulfo promised the mother that her son will eventually come around.

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In case you want to watch the entire episode, check it out below!

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