Raffy Tulfo In Action: Is he a gold-digger or she is just reckless?

Raffy Tulfo In Action: Is he a gold-digger or she is just reckless?

When it comes to Filipino customs and traditions, most people always expect a man to support his family — financially and emotionally. But, in the case of the latest episode of “Raffy Tulfo In Action”, it turned out to be a different story.

Recently, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) named Rosalyn Guim sought help from veteran broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo. According to her, she wanted to settle all the financial problems with her former partner named Christian Tiburcio. 

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With her mother’s presence on the live program, they narrated all the wrongdoings of her so-called golddigger lover — based on the allusion. According to her mother, their romantic relations started to crumble when her daughter found out that he had a sidechick.

“Parang maroon na silang balak magpakasal. Natuklasan ng anak ko na parang ginagawa na lang siyang sugar mommy. “

Christian Tiburcio, on the other hand, came to his defense via phone interview. In his statement, he firmly clarified all the allegations thrown at him.

“Sir, hindi po kasi iyong pera po na nasa akin po, eh, alam niya po kung magkano ang laman. Saka kapag binabawasan ko po ito, nagpapaalam po ako sa kanya. Actually, Php 6, 00 lang po iyomg nakuha ko roon.”

Moreover, he even explained that he only spent a total of Php 6, 000 worth of money for the all his food expenses. As a matter of fact, the remaining Php 50, 000 balance is still intact on his credit card.

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Following the calm conversation between the conflicting parties, the sudden revelation blurted out from each of them. As it turned out, Rosalyn Guim already had a previous husband before while Christian Tiburcio had two former live-in partners before.

Overwhelmed by the revelation, Raffy Tulfo gave a nugget of wisdom to the female complainant.

“Iyong pera niyo po bilang isang OFW, pinaghihirapan niyo po iyan, Dapat po ma’am talagang iniingatan niyo po iyan kasi oinaghihirapan niyo po iyan. Hindi niyo dapat pinamimigay sa kahit sinong lalaki dyan na konting pambobola lang, eh, bibigay na kayo.”

At the end of the show, the squabble between the former lovers had finally laid to rest. Surprisingly, Christian Tiburcio managed to clear his name.

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Watch the entire episode below!

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