WATCH: ‘Buwis Buhay?’ – Kiki Dance Challenge Nang Dalawang Piloto, Viral Ngayon Sa Social Media!

WATCH: ‘Buwis Buhay?’ – Kiki Dance Challenge Nang Dalawang Piloto, Viral Ngayon Sa Social Media!

The “In My Feelings” challenge has certainly taken over the world. If you have been living under a rock these past few months, these are the videos that show people getting out of a moving vehicle and dancing to the song “In My Feelings” by Hip-hop sensation, Drake. The latest ones to take on the challenge are pilot Alejandra Manriquez and her flight attendant.

By the looks of it, there is no doubt that her version is one of the most entertaining ones yet. Come to think of it, it also seems like this one would be very hard to top off.

The video started off in the flight deck of the plane. In here the pilot was casually pushed on one of the control levers. Later on, Alejandra got out of her seat and went down from the plane. She then joined her flight attendant on the runway and together they started busting some moves as the famous hip hop song played in the background. It’s no surprise that they nailed the challenge.



If you still do not know the defining factor of this version of the challenge, it is the fact that: instead of getting out of the usual cars to dance, this certain duo got out of an AIRPLANE. We all could probably agree that this is something that you do not see every day.



The video instantly went viral the moment it was posted. It earned thousands of like and views from online users. Some of them of course, expressed their thoughts on the video in the comments section.

Alejandra Manriquez fell in love with aviation after graduating high school. Before getting into flight school, she started out as a flight attendant. Now, she is has flown to more than 40 countries. On the, the pilot expressed her feelings about the profession by saying:

“Aviation is a beautiful, but very demanding career that you must love in order to be able to successfully pursue it with enough passion, overcoming all the obstacles that are going to be in your way.”

She added:

“Because that is a fact, there is no easy way to something worth achieving! But now I thank life for every rock along my way because they prepared me to be the strongest version of myself”

The pilot ended her statement with:

“I needed these to become a better person and a professional pilot.”

All in all, what Alejandra Manriquez did was truly very entertaining. On the other hand, what we learned about her afterward was simply very inspirational.

What do you think about this version of the challenge? Or better yet, who do you think should do it next? Share us your thoughts!


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