Robin Padilla, Todo Ang Pagtuturo Sa Kanyang Anak Na Si Isabella Magtagalog At Nagviral Ang Video Nilang Ito

Robin Padilla, Todo Ang Pagtuturo Sa Kanyang Anak Na Si Isabella Magtagalog At Nagviral Ang Video Nilang Ito

Action star Robin Padilla is well-known as a very proud and patriotic Filipino. The actor’s recently talked about controversies seemed to all stem from his deep love for the country. Everyone remembers the time that he forcefully urged a Korean contestant on “Pilipinas Got Talent” to speak in Filipino because that is how what he believes is a sign of respect for our country.

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This radical view has earned him the ire and praise of a lot of netizens. But his wife, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, stepped in to defend her husband by saying that Robin’s love for the Philippines is hard to comprehend. She tried to explain it by saying that if he was to choose between their family or the country, the actor would choose the latter.

Yet, on a lighter note, Mariel captured an adorable moment wherein Robin tried to pass his patriotism to his youngest daughter Maria Isabella Padilla. The viral Instagram video showed the veteran actor, who looked like he just woke up, spending time with his child and patiently teaching her to speak in Tagalog.

Isabella was engrossed in a children’s book and showed her father a picture of a cat which she proceeded to call “Meow.” Robin tried his best to get his daughter to say “pusa” which resulted in a funny exchange between the two. There were a lot of amused netizens who shared how much they enjoyed the banter between Robin and Isabella.

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“Hehe ang kulit. Meow nga daw po eh.”

“Hahahaha cute ni Isabella meow nga daw eh ang kulit nman ni daddy Robin…. hehehe“

Watch the adorable moment down between Robin Padilla and his daughter below:

What can you say about this adorable father-daughter moment? Do you agree that Filipino children should be taught to speak Tagalog first before the English language? Can you think of any disadvantages if English becomes a child’s first language? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

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