The New Darna Is Here To Continue The Legacy!

The New Darna Is Here To Continue The Legacy!

When Angel Locsin suffered from an injury as she was doing the training for the upcoming movie of 'Darna', the production staff knew that they had to look for the perfect replacement for Angel could no longer continue the role. 

Now, the people had been guessing the woman who will be the substitute for the role of 'Darna'. 

During the Metro Manila Film Festival, a short teaser revealing the voice and the figure was shown by Star Cinema followed by a photo of a woman covered in her hoodie was posted by the director Erik Matti on his Instagram Account. 

The Original star of the upcoming 'Darna' movie admitted and confirmed that the staff has finally made the decision of who will be the next Darna. They have found the actress suitable for the action role. 

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