Look at Young Man Being Chased by a Dog

Look at Young Man Being Chased by a Dog

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. Their adorable appearance and their loyalty captures the heart of a lot of people. That’s why most people choose dogs to be their pets.

Having a dog as a pet give the owner a sense of security and comfort. Not only because dogs can be reliable guardian of our houses but also because a dog can also be a great companion as well. Dogs will always be there for their masters, that’s why it gives people a sense of assurance and a feeling of having a family.

In some news, dogs are also heroic animals. There are a lot of times where brave dogs are featured in news for saving someone, may it be in a fire or road situation. Dogs can be selfless, willing to save someone else when they deem necessary.

However, not all people has the same pleasant experience when it comes to these reliable animals. Some people even have distressing or traumatic experiences when it comes to dogs.

Just like in a video posted in Facebook where a young man is seen frantically shouting and running away from a dog. The dog keeps on running after the said young man and was trying to bite him. This caused the distress of the person in the video.

He is scared of what the dog might do to him, that’s why he did everything in his ability to get away from the dog. Even resorting in climbing a high fence where the dog won’t be able to reach him.

On the other hand, the owner of the dog and the other bystanders can be seen staring at the situation while some are laughing out loud. It was also unclear if the young man being chased is friends with the owner of the dog and is just playing some games.

Regardless, it was still risky for the young man being chased because a dog’s bite can incur deep wounds.

The netizens gave a mixed reaction on the said video. Some people are saying that it was funny watching the lad running with a dog at his rear, while others find it unsettling.

Some people are even asking on what the young man could have done in order to make the owner of the dog responsible for the actions of its pet.

What do you think of this video? I it funny or not? Share us your thoughts!

Watch The Video Below:

Source: Facebook

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