Dog Was Found Abused With A Tape Shutting Her Muzzle.This Isn't Made By A Human, But A Monster!

Dog Was Found Abused With A Tape Shutting Her Muzzle.This Isn't Made By A Human, But A Monster!

$1000 reward was offered to anyone who can find the monster who taped a poor stray dog's muzzle!

People often say that dogs are indeed Man's best friend, but why is it that there are lots of news circulating online about how cruel people treat their pets? Do you think that people still treat their pets as part of their family? Watch this heartbreaking news.

According to some researches people who torture and hurts animals may be suffering from a mental disorder.

Here's an alarming news about how an unknown person abused this poor stray dog in Charleston, South Carolina. The dog was identified as Caitlyn, a 15 month old Chocolate Staffie mix stray dog that was found with an electrical tape tied around her muzzle, the electrical tape was too tight that it made her bit her own tongue.

According to the citizens in that community, Caitlyn is a well-known stray dog but is very friendly.

image source: animal society

Because of the tight electrical tape, Caitlyn bit her tongue which resulted to continuous blood flow.

Officials believe that the tape has been on Caitlyn's muzzle for at least two days.

image source: animal society
"A large part of her tongue may need to be removed surgically if the tissue dies from the lack of blood flow. She may severely disfigure, or the large amount of dead tissue may cause life-threatening complications." Dr. Lucy Fuller said.

According to Aldwin Roman, the director of Charleston Animal Society Anti- Cruelty and Outreach, leaving Caitlyn along the streets without something to eat or drink is painful, but leaving her in a position which brought her life in danger is so much more painful and heartbreaking.

image source: animal society
The medical Expenses of Caitlyn's treatment will be shouldered by "Toby's Fund". A Charleston Animal Society's medical fund, which was made because of people who continuously donates for the protection of animals.

And now, $1,000 is being offered by the North Charleston Animal Control to anyone who can lead them to the man who did this to Caitlyn.

Everyone is really hoping for the fast recovery of Caitlyn, special thanks to the doctors who guides Caitlyn in her treatment.

source: dailymail,elitereaders

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