Lambs desperately tries to breastfeed from a mother dog

Lambs desperately tries to breastfeed from a mother dog

At least according to some, one of the internet’s most beloved animal images or videos are the ones showing certain species nursing the baby of another.

Recently, a viral Facebook video immediately got the attention of many netizens. As seen on the short clip, it showed the hilarious moment of a dog breastfeeding a lamb on the street.

At first, you could immediately notice that the dog was very hesitant to nurse the hungry lamb. But as the viral video progresses, the dog tried to prevent the lamb from breastfeeding it. However, the lamb’s desperation to feed on the dog’s milk really triumphed at the end of the footage. The lamb even bumped its head against the mother dog to prevent the dog from pushing the lamb away.

Many netizens, on the other hand, expressed their mixed sentiments on the viral Facebook video.

“Well vegans. Checkmate. We aren’t the only species to consume the milk of other species.”

“The lamb said I’m going suck it and you’re gonna like it. The lamb doesn’t look that young so why still suckling for milk? Doggy didn’t wanna give her the milk then she gone take the milk! Wtf.”

“The one who took the video should have stopped it from doing to the dog. see, the milk is for the puppies!”

Although it might be a little too unusual to some of you, this particular activity seems normal to help the baby of another animal—especially the lambs—to get all the needed nutrients while growing up.

To those people who are not aware of it, some lambs in the farms are either pulled from their mothers for a lack of milk or are rejected by own mothers when there are simply too many mouths feeding on her breasts.

Watch The Video Below:

Source: Facebook

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