Kitty Duterte interrupts a cabinet meeting to see President Duterte

Kitty Duterte interrupts a cabinet meeting to see President Duterte

When it comes to proper manners and etiquette, Filipinos always make sure to greet their elders with the utmost respect. Be it a hug, kiss, or “pagmamano”, these respectful gestures show how the Filipino youth look up to their elders.

Recently, Veronica “Kitty” Duterte made headlines after interrupting the cabinet meeting of her father — President Rodrigo Duterte. According to Super Radyo DZBB, the 15-year-old girl went to Malacañang to see her father. She did this before heading home to Davao City. 

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Just like any other young Filipino out there, Kitty Duterte is very respectful to those much older than her. She’s famous for being the youngest presidential daughter of the first family. Kitty is also a loving daughter and overly protective daughter towards her father.

Earlier this year, Kitty Duterte and her tough-talking father became viral after a seemingly simple candid image of them circulated on social media. Captured by her mother — First Lady Honeylet Avanceña, it showed the tender side of the aggressive president when it comes to his daughter.

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Kitty Duterte is also known for her unapologetic remarks. This is especially true it comes to defending her father against his social media detractors. Recently, she engaged in a Twitter war against a social media influencer named Angel Dei, who lambasted the president for his recent controversy in South Korea. 

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Source: GMA News Online

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