Isang Maganda Babae Ang Sobrang Nagviral Matapos Siyang Biktimahin Ng Kanyang Mga Kasama

Isang Maganda Babae Ang Sobrang Nagviral Matapos Siyang Biktimahin Ng Kanyang Mga Kasama

A lot of us have played pranks on our friends in one way or another. These things are just part of the building blocks of our relationships with them. At times, they can be annoying. But, at the end of the day, we all just laugh it off anyway. This was what happened to Mitch De Guzman, a netizen who was just peacefully trying to get the WiFi password from her friends. Unfortunately, she was the next victim of their prank.

In a video that netizen Kim Dela Cruz posted, we see Mitch already frustrated because of not being able to connect to their room’s WiFi. To add to that, she felt like she wasting her money due to the fact that she could not access the internet which they were all paying for. In the background, you could already hear a little laughter from her friends.


Mitch repeatedly asked her friends for the password but all they said over and over again was:

“Di ko alam! (I don’t know)”

This annoyed her even more. Later on, Mitch found out that out of all the people in the room, she was the only one who was not connected to the internet. At this point, she was really confused. She had no idea how her friends had WiFi connection even though they “did not know” the password.


Apparently, the phrase “dikoalam”  was the actual password. Her friends changed it into that in order to make it sound like they had no clue what it was.


Mitch was already willing to use her LTE data because of her situation. The laughter in the room got stronger as they revealed to her the truth. At first, she did not get it. Fortunately, after a eureka moment, she realized that they were making a fool out of her. In the end, she figured out the prank and happily joined her friends in laughing. She is now known all over the internet as the “#WiFiGirl.”

Sorry, Mitch, it looks like they really got you this time. We hope you get the opportunity to avenge yourself soon, though!

This sounds like a fun thing to do with your friends. Why not try it out? Send us their reactions afterward! We’d love to have a good laugh!

Watch the video here!


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