Video Ng Isang Lalaking Nagmamaneho, Sobrang Nagviral Nang May Lumitaw Sa Bintana Ng Kanyang Kotse

Video Ng Isang Lalaking Nagmamaneho, Sobrang Nagviral Nang May Lumitaw Sa Bintana Ng Kanyang Kotse

Have you ever given directions to someone who was lost? Sometimes it is a really fulfilling feeling knowing that you were able to help a person in need. But what if, in a random situation, this person who asked you for directions was, “out of this world,” to say the least. What if this person was a “flying man?” Would you still help him out? Recently this is what a lot of netizens have been going crazy about in yet another viral video spreading in social media.


This was how the whole story went: In the said post, we see a man driving on the highway somewhere in the province. While doing this, he casually talked to his companion at the front seat of the car. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the “flying” man appears at the side of his window. This man then asked:

“Ser, dito ba yung pa-Manila? (Sir, is this the road to Manila)?”


The man driving then replied:

“Ay hinde, doon sa kabila! (Oh no, it’s on the other side!)”


Hearing this disappointed the flying man, which instantly made him “fly” to the opposite direction. This was eventually followed by laughter from both the person taking the video and the man driving. If you still do not get it, all of the things that happened were part of a skit made for humorous purposes.

It was admittedly entertaining to see how the illusion of flying was done. Despite not being one of the safest stunts, it still brought a lot of positive reactions from netizens all over social media. To add to that, the people involved in the video seemed pretty aware of what they were doing. Thankfully, nothing bad happened while they filmed their skit.

Filipinos certainly know how to find joy in almost everything. This is due to the fact that we know how to have fun even with the simplest things. Our humor is easily one of those traits that make us stand out from the rest of the world. It is one of those traits that make people say “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” In every corner of the country, you will surely find something to laugh about one way or another.

Watch the video here!


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