‘Finding ate Baler’ – Isang Lalaki, Napilitang Gumawa Ng Vlog Upang Mahanap Ang Babaeng Pumana Sa Kanyang Puso

‘Finding ate Baler’ – Isang Lalaki, Napilitang Gumawa Ng Vlog Upang Mahanap Ang Babaeng Pumana Sa Kanyang Puso

Sometimes meeting new people gives you this strange feeling of excitement, gives you the rush you’ve never felt before. It seems like that person just gives you ease and comfort just looking at his/her face even though you’ve known each other for a short period of time. It is the feeling that makes you a little high and you don’t even it. It gives you the butterflies as they say. You’re saying to yourself that this could be it, and it feels so right. Is this love that you are feeling?

Have you ever experienced falling for a stranger that you have just met? Some of us may have encountered this feeling. When you are love struck everything may feel so right. Every day is a sunny day for those who are in love. Many of us still wonder if love at first right is real.

In a recent viral video which shot at baler beach in Aurora, a guy in a motorcycle who just happen to arrive at the place had an encounter with a beautiful young lady also in a motorcycle. The video was taken by using a dash cam. The guy showed in the video how he had a moment with her when they glanced with each other.

Many of our netizens felt the “kilig” in the video. But sadly, he didn’t get the name of the girl and is now in regrets that he might never see her again. Now, the guy is eagerly wanting to meet what he called her “Ate Baler”. The guy now calls for help to share the video in a possibility that “Ate Baler” could also see the video herself and felt the same way for the guy.

The video uploaded currently has 233K views and 3.6K shares. Do you think this could be the new kalye-serye? Watch the video and share your thoughts

Watch the videos below:

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