‘Naturuan!’ – Isang Aso, Walang Pag-aalinlangan Na Tangayin Ang Wallet Ng Isang Lalaki!

‘Naturuan!’ – Isang Aso, Walang Pag-aalinlangan Na Tangayin Ang Wallet Ng Isang Lalaki!

“Do not leave your valuable things unattended.This is a reminder you often see in public places like fast food restaurants, parks, and whatnot. But even with a huge sign like this, sometimes, people still tend to lose their valuables. Take, for example, this man who became a victim of a dog thief.

Dogs are dubbed as “Man’s Best friend” for being cute and lovable. Still, dogs shouldn’t be left unattended either. This is because they often get too playful and take anything they see lying around.

In a Facebook page named Blog Tamsu TV was a CCTV footage of four guys playing cards. While they were playing, the person who seated with his back at the camera’s angle didn’t realize that he dropped his wallet on the floor.

Moments later,  two dogs came in and headed outside of what seems to be a shop. But before the second dog got out, it managed to bite the man’s wallet and take it away with him.

It’s safe to say that the reason why there’s a CCTV footage was that the man wanted to know who might have stolen his wallet. It’s even safer to conclude that finding out that a dog thief taken took his wallet might have given him a good laugh.

This proves that not only can you lose your items anywhere and anytime, you can also lose it to anyone —even to those you least expect it to be.

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