Clown Tricks Kid Into Believing He’s Cut Off His Arm Through This Magic Trick

Clown Tricks Kid Into Believing He’s Cut Off His Arm Through This Magic Trick

Back when we were kids, we would always like to ask for magicians and clowns to perform for our birthday parties. There’s just something about their funny faces and the way they act that gives us those much-needed giggles as kids. Their jokes and the acts they put on do a lot to entertain younger kids, especially during the most special day of their year.

But not all people are really into clowns. As a matter of fact, there are a good number of people who have grown to dislike clowns. Some even have f3ars and ph0bias of clowns. But we can’t really blame them as there have been a lot of h0rror movies that involve very menac1ng clowns as their main characters.

Some kids, on the other hand, have very fair reasons to be sc4r3d of these funny looking carnival fellows. You see, some of the tricks these clowns perform on birthday parties can leave some kids hating clowns. Just like the one in this viral video.

The video begins with a birthday scene. We see that there are a lot of people around and it was obvious that it was a gathering for a celebration. In the middle of the scene, there was a kid, probably the one celebrating his birthday, and a clown that had full face paint on and an all-black outfit.

In front of them was some sort of mechanism used by magicians. The way it works was that the kid would insert his arm into the hole of the mechanism, and the magician would pull on a lever that is supposed to cut through whatever was placed through that hole—int this case, the kid’s arm.

Of course, we all know that this is only a trick and no h4rm is actually going to be caused. But the kid, all innocent and pure, would believe that this could cut off his arm. The clown slowly pulls on the lever and the kid hesitates, and lets out some groans of f3ar.

Everyone in the background found this really funny. The clown even attempted to offer the kid with a prize toy if he pushes through with the magic act. So the kid takes the toy and tries to insert his arm through the hole again. The clown holds his arm before he changes his mind again, and quickly pulls on the lever.

The kid was too worried about what had happened to his arm, until the clown reveals that it was still there, all intact.

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